Purpose driven, passionate and creative.

Works hard at home, at work and in business.

Dreams big, sets goals, lives authentic.


A Super Mommy knows the value of having support and community to empower her to live extraordinary!      

SuperMommy Self-Care Package 

Monthly self-care package for every SuperMommy because she deserves a little "ME" time!

Monthly subscription box filled with products to inspire and empower busy moms to make self care a priority. Our pretty package is shipped directly to your door. Open up a box for a moment of self care!

The SuperMommy Marketplace

The SuperMommy Marketplace

This is our members only community where moms and mom entrepreneurs have access to resources, tools, strategies, downloads, webinars and more to help them live extraordinary at home, in life and in business! Here is some of what you’ll find in the Super Mommy Marketplace:

Entrepreneur’s Corner: webinars, business tools, tutorials, strategies and more.

Mom Owned Business Directory: Shop Mom!

Resource Library: Filled with home and life management tools like organization, planning, self care and more. 

Member’s Only Events: Socials, Dinner Clubs, Meet-ups and Mingles  

Exclusive Community Discounts & Deals: Coupons, discounts and exclusive perks from our community partners made up of local businesses and organizations. 

Everyday Mothers Who Make The Extraordinary A Part Of Our Ordinary!

Resources, Tips, Tools, Community Events, Connections and so much more to empower creative, purpose driven and inspired moms to live extraordinary at home, in life and in business!


SMM is a community, network and platform for moms and mom entrepreneurs. Our company’s  passion and mission is supporting, inspiring and encouraging moms to lead authentically, extraordinary lives filled with meaningful relationships. 


 SMM has a mission to support and empower moms in transition.  Whether you’re a mom just moving to the area, stay at home moms, entrepreneur moms, corporate & working moms, military moms, or any other role, we are here to help you transition from where you are to where you want to be in motherhood. We want to empower you to make the extraordinary a part of your ordinary!


We provide access to resources, products, services and connections to empower moms at home, in life and in business. 


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